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Equipment List

The following is a list of our computerized and manual machinery used for the manufacturing of precision bronze and aluminum friction bearings, and other fine tolerance items in the ferrous and non-ferrous field:

CNC Machines

• Three (3) Custom Built Truline Flatting Machines
• Three (3) Haas Super VF2 Vertical Machining Centers
• Two (2) Haas Super Mini Mill2’s Vertical Machining Centers
• Six (6) Haas Super Mini Mills Vertical Machining Centers 
• Two (2) Hyundai 8G Flatbed Turning Centers

• One (1) Hardinge Quest 6/42 Turning Center
• One (1) Hardinge Conquest SP Turning Center
• Two (2) Hardinge Cobra 42 Turning Centers
• Two (2) Mori-Seiki CL25 Turning Centers
• Two (2) Mori-Seiki CL253 Turning Centers
• Two (2) Miyano BNC 34 Turning Centers
• Three (3) Wasino Super Precision G6-P Flatbed Turning Centers
• Nine (9) Wasino Super Precision G07 Flatbed Turning Centers
• One (1) Wasino G07 Robotic Flatbed Turning Center

Manually Controlled Machines

• Four (4) Monarch tool room “EE” precision lathes
• Sunnen Honing machine and gages
• Bridgeport surface grinder
• Three (3) Hydraulic presses for oil grooving
• Hammond carbide tool grinder
• Crane lapping machine with quartz optical flat
• Rampe vibrator for deburring
• SRD drill grinder
• Black Diamond drill grinders
• Multiple hole air hydraulic drilling machines
• Two (2) Servo drill press-micro sensitive
• Sheffield Shadow-graph indicators
• Shipmate packaging machine
• Atlas rotary screw air compressor
• Three (3) South Bend secondary lathes
• Oven and Liquid Nitrogen for necessary shrink fit assembly work and heat treat operations

Quality Inspection Equipment

• Two (2) Brown & Sharpe Micro Xcel PFx Auto CMM’s
• One (1) Brown & Sharpe Micro Val PFx Auto CMM
• Two (2) Brown & Sharpe Uni Val CMM’s

Truline utilizes a 24,000 square foot manufacturing plant which is totally air conditioned and quality oriented to AS 9100 This facilitates the production and delivery of bronze and aluminum bearings, bushings, seal and related close tolerance precision parts.