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Precision Machining

We’ll take your vision and craft the piece that is right for you, working with your engineers to put high-quality machining ability into your design. We deliver the highest value for our customers. That means our talented precision machinists utilize the latest technology to deliver your product the way you want it – the first time, every time.

Tolerances – At Truline we work to flatness that can be measured in millionths of an inch. Some of our tolerance and accuracy capabilities include:

  • Super Precision Wasino and Hardinge turning centers with programming/offset capabilities of .00001″
  • Custom designed Truline Flatting computer controlled machines designed solely to flat your parts to w/in +-.0001″
  • Hass CNC milling machines can produce parts to +/- 0.00015 inches
  • Inspection equipment is accurate to +/- 0.00005 inches
  • Measuring machines produce repeatable readings of 0.0001 inches

Methodology – Computerization has been central to Truline’s capabilities. We have worked hard to develop custom software systems that back up strict production processes.Our Unix Filepro system has the following specifications to help us make your part to print:

  • customized integration from quote through purchase order, manufacturing, final inspection, invoicing, shipping, and certification
  • real-time production control
  • we can check the status of your part at any point in the production line
  • supports all of our users, supplying timely and accurate information for production and sales
  • All computer-controlled machines are directly linked to our command center, maintaining quality control and ensuring job specifications are strictly adhered to.

Materials – Machining with a variety of non-ferrous leaded bronzes, aluminums and plastics, Truline currently stocks these and other hard-to-find materials in our 100,000 pound inventory of bar stock:

  • High-leaded bronzes – 20%, 25%, 30%
  • 2017 – 7075 Aluminum alloys
  • 852 ASTM B108 Aluminum alloys.
  • Manganese bronzes
  • Copper Alloys

In addition, Truline stores the information collected about your product in our fully automated inventory management system. Our system means we can easily retrieve data about your past product materials within minutes.